Friday, March 9, 2018

Breaking the Monotony

Unless you are one of those few lucky people who don’t know what the day holds for them you are probably held hostage by the inescapable reality called routine. Waking up the same hour, walking to the same office and sitting on the same desk. After a while it seem like a mundane activity.

Here at Sandarbh everyday we try to escape the mundane and open our minds with new and exciting activities.

Sometimes it’s a nice long site visits which gives us an excuse for the change of scenery. Others, we sit to have long chats about life and architecture.
Today, we finally kick started the long discussed project of revamping our office space. Breaking the routine of coming to the same space. Being architects of course the whole conversation of redecorating our office was a different ballgame all together.

Apart from rearranging the furniture there were long discussions of having a pantry stocked to the neck with food! Have a proper rack for our speakers, green sit out spaces, library and a diwan!
The walls and the ceiling are to be doodled and our workspace is to cut the barrier of outdoor and indoors.

It would be a multifunctional space. Office by day and party space by night!

If this doesn’t open’s anyone’s creative block. I don’t know what will.

I am excited already to see what it will finally turn out to be. I will be sure to keep you guys updated!
Till then!

Stay Inspired~

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