Monday, September 10, 2018

Stitch in time

All my life I have been that person who if wasn't fully prepared would not face the music. This attitude in hindsight has been quite detrimental too. Even today there are traces of this that linger in the way that I work. Even now I'm aware that it's not the best way to work but some habits are a little bit harder to break. I may have lost my negative attitude and may not be as emotional with regard to my work but this habit of mine has been a bit harder to shake off. Today was one of those instances where this habit got in the way and Sai was rather upset with me. Initially I couldn't understand why that was. I could come up with many more reasons for him to be upset, but this not being one of them. He later explained that sometimes one need not wait for that moment of being prepared, sometimes it  is more important to be proactive with whatever amount of information or preparation one has. This might sound contradictory to what I've said earlier with regards to preparation and planning but it's all about assessing the situation and responding to it correctly. Yes planning is essential but sometimes a stitch in time can save nine!


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