Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Significance of Storage

I joined Sai and Leena for the first meeting with a prospective client today. As we discussed their interior project, we got to know more about their needs and requirements. What they wanted was quite straightforward - a minimalistic design with the focus on storage.And that's one of our beliefs too, no matter how great or fancy a design is, if it doesn't allow for enough storage space it is a failed design. On the other hand if the storage spaces are resolved - whether it is for clothes, appliances, toys, books or linen among many other things - then one has the luxury of making it a good design that works too. As we discussed more and more things for the various rooms, we spoke of all these requirements.
While discussing the children's room, Sai and Leena suggested a bunk bed to allow for more floor space to play around. Their concern was that the room won't be able to function as a guest room. Then Sai suggested that we could design the bunk bed in a manner that the bed also extends out to form a double bed. I have had the same sort of bed in my room for as long as I can remember and it made a lot of sense too since the room is small and shared by my sister and me. Similarly they suggested that the foyer not just have a shoe rack and a console or similar unit but also perhaps a place for the children to keep their sports equipment - balls, rackets etc. Again this was something that I grew up with. Just as we entered the house, we had a couple of steps leading down to the store room where an entire cupboard was dedicated to our playthings. The meeting ended soon after and we had somewhat of an idea to start designing with.
As we drove back from the meeting, I brought up these points with Sai and Leena. I wasn't sure if it was intentional or not but a lot of the points we discussed in the meeting were accounted for in my house. I for one thought it was possibly a coincidence but Sai definitely felt that my parents had kept these things in mind and they were not accidental. I was definitely quite impressed with my parents for understanding the significance of storage and space!


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