Saturday, September 15, 2018

Intrinsic Changes : Part 2

Grow, evolve, change - All of these things are inevitable in the course of time. My journey here at Sandarbh too can be described as one of growth and of changes. And the changes are definitely of a permanent nature, I couldn't undo them even if I wanted to. I have learnt so much more about the profession (which is the sole purpose of training) but I have also learnt so much about myself and the person I wish to be.
There was a time when my middle name could have been panic. I was so easily affected by everything around me, in particular things that weren't in my control. There was a constant look of worry etched on my face and I would be incredibly anxious about most things. I definitely feel a lot calmer and more in control now. Yes, the panic makes an appearance every now and then but it is no longer constantly looming over me. I'm definitely more unaffected by external stimuli now and its visible in my work too. Not much has changed in terms of the kind of work but my approach to it definitely has.
These changes - some minor and others major, have been pretty obvious to me and everyone else at Sandarbh. Turns out my parents and friends have picked up on these changes too. Not everyone could pinpoint exactly what it was but they definitely sensed a difference in me.
The changes may be intrinsic, but they're certainly manifesting themselves extrinsically now!


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