Friday, September 28, 2018

Alec the Snake

When it comes to all things creepy and crawlie, I have a tendency to spot them no matter where they are hiding. I especially have a keen eye for lizards and seem to be the only one who notices the baby ones crawling around the office. And lizards really do freak me out. Every time I see one, my face pales as though I've been confronted by a ghost. But imagine a snake in the office - that seemed to freak everyone out!
Much like the Basilisk in Harry Potter, our dear little friend (who Harshitha decided should be called Alec) came in through one of the pipes and found a place for itself in the commode. Sai was the first to see it and took a while to actually tell anyone else. When he told Leena she went to check on it and tried to flush it down. One of her friends is a Snake Rescuer by profession and initially was quite confident that it couldn't be a snake. When Leena sent her a picture, her response was a true shocker - Yes, it was a snake and not just any snake, it was a Cobra!
Alec was quite scared though and had coiled itself so tightly that even a professional couldn't get it to budge. Now dealing with a frightened and aggressive snake is never a good idea and the decided course of action was to leave it alone. Only when it was calm enough could it move out of the commode.
For the most part we left Alec in peace, but every now and then someone would want to go take a sneak peek. As scared as I was, I hadn't seen the snake through all this. Sometime in the afternoon, I finally mustered up the courage to take a look and timidly followed behind Harshitha as she led the way. When she lifted the lid, we realised that the snake was no longer there. It was both a relief and an issue - the snake was no longer in the commode but now we didn't know where it had gone.
Alec definitely had us on our toes for the rest of the day!


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