Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Let's Go Shopping

Today was one of the hottest days that Bangalore has seen in a while (as was told to me by people who have been here for a while) It also happened to be the day that Leena and I had picked to go and select Marble and Granite with a client. As we approached the place the image in my head was very different from what I saw. There was a large open area with nothing but slabs and slabs of granite being displayed. We walked around, thinking out loud, wondering what would look good where, how a certain part of the stone would look as compared to the slab or even how whole slabs could be used as statement pieces. We were shown the various finishes that we could select from - polished, lappato, sandblasted and many others. What really fascinated me was that the same finishing process could have different results on the different types of granite. The lappato finish looked vastly different on different slabs based on their inherent characteristics. After going through various indigenous and exotic stone slabs and picking a few favorites, we headed towards making a few selection in marble. The array of different kinds of white marble was certainly striking, especially with the sun reflecting off them!
What was wonderful to see was the variety of options that nature had to present to us. Even within the same kind of granite from the same place, there were variations depending which side of the mountain the stone came from. And some of the pieces that we saw were true beauties of nature. Never in my life had I thought that I'd be this excited about a slab of stone!


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