Saturday, September 8, 2018

Intent + Belief = Reality

Recently, Ananya had written a blog titled 'It's all about the Intent' and I couldn't have agreed with her more. Everything that we do, starts with an intent. Without the intent to do something, it cannot be transformed into a reality. But sometimes just the intent is not enough, one must also have a strong sense of belief too. Over the course of his career Sai has noticed that a project finishes on time if along with us the client also believes that it will. But somewhere we weren't applying this principles to the project of our dream.
The idea of a workshop for Sandarbh has been floating about since the day I joined and before that too. The vision of an office with a more hands on approach where working, learning and doing came together was something that excited us all. The dream was in place, so was the intent. But somewhere I guess none of us believed that it could be achieved at this point, it seemed like something reserved for the future (even if it was the near future) But a lot has changed now. With a small leap of faith, the workshop is now closer than ever. It is no longer a dream for the future but rather a part of our present, something that is becoming more and more of a reality even as I type this blog...


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