Monday, October 1, 2018

Of Antiques and Intricacies : An experience from Site

I had previously written about a project of ours - one that is in its penultimate stages. The energy on site is buzzing as everyone is working towards a common goal and a deadline. Rithik has been the one supervising and coordinating - he's been our eyes and ears on site. Curious about his experiences on site, I decided to have a conversation with him. Here's what he had to say...

" The whole experience was definitely a first for me. This was the first time I was given full responsibility for a site and was a little nervous at first. Since the building itself was in the penultimate stages, the major focus was on the finishes and the landscape around. Sai would come by every now and then to see the progress and give his approval but at the same time there was no hand holding, I also had to take decisions on site. The project and the site itself was very interesting which just added to the excitement on site. It was a collaborative effort - the office team, the site team and the client. We all worked well together and were all hands on - which is why we were able to keep up the pace on site. This is just the beginning though. There's a lot more that needs to be done and we're all working towards it "


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