Friday, October 26, 2018

Pump it Up

Over the past couple of days the energy within the office has not been quite as it was earlier. Yes, the number of people in the office has been fluctuating with more and more of us on site or in the workshop but the energy too has been fluctuating. Today we decided we'd had enough with the low levels of energy and what better way to make thing livelier than to pump up the music!
Rather than playing from our laptops, we connected to the speaker and let the music just play as loud as possible. We took turns selecting the kind of songs and the playlists - when it was Ananya's turn she totally freaked out about it. Deciding on the songs was freaking her out and we decided to move to the next person (which happened to be me) instead - having someone freaking out would have totally gone against the whole point. The best part about music is that it doesn't have a language. Whether Akshay plays Malyalam songs or I switch to my Punjabi jam, everyone seemed to be enjoying it all the same. In fact while we were at this we even decided on a bit of a quick clean up and reorganise just to keep the same energy flowing! The music really made a difference and I for one am really glad that Sandarbh is the kind of office space that promotes and explores visual and performing arts alongside architecture!


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