Saturday, October 6, 2018

Adios Kruti

One of the first interactions on the Sandarbh whatsapp group and Kruti greeted everyone with a 'Hola' Wondering how we came across a Gujarati Spaniard we started pulling her leg in jest. But she was just as quick on her feet and came back with a 'Kemcho' From then to now, its already been four months. Four months of new experiences, of learning, of exploring and now its time for her to head back home. Let's hear directly from her what she has to say about her time at Sandarbh...

' My very first month at Sandarbh and I already felt like I knew everyone. We had been in contact over mail and whatsapp and after joining I developed an attachment towards both the people and the work. I was lucky that I got to see different aspects of the work too - project management, purchases and vendor interaction, estimates, drawings. I learnt the practicality of the profession. I did not just learn about architecture but also about what it takes for architecture to materialise. I know for a fact that my other friends have not had the same exposure as me in their internships.
One thing that Sai told us about and I have observed on site is the 80-20 ratio. Its taked 20% time to get the initial 80% done and 80% time to get the final 20% finishing. This is something that has definitely stuck with me and I'll remember through my life
For the past month in fact everyone has been reminding me that my internship is about to come to an end and now it finally has. 4 month went by even before I realised it and now I'm ready head back with packed bags and unforgettable memories! '


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