Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sites, Stories and Posts

For the first time in ages, I have been active on the Sandarbh Instagram page. I’ve never done that before and today, having had no time to post all morning and trying to find time in between cheering my daughter at her Sports Day, I was wondering what prompted me to start posting and adding to our stories everyday.  

The immediate answer was the absolutely interesting set of images coming into our work watsapp group from all the sites and office all through the day. Everytime one of us visits a site, we sent in images to give everyone else an idea of what is happening on site that day and the progress made. Everything from excavation and demolitions to interior works and landscape work being done are captured everyday. The whole process of a building coming up is such a complex process and oh so interesting and photogenic!

Sharing this whole process on a daily basis, something  that all of us enjoy so much, with our followers on Instagram and Facebook seemed like the natural thing to do.

Not just us architects, I’m assuming and hoping that a lot of people would be interested in seeing the way a building shapes up - the details, the finishes and the processes that we follow in design and at site. And of course, none of that is complete without some bit of our life at office also captured!

So if you are not doing so already, follow us! Here are the links :

Instagram :
Facebook :

Thank you!!

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