Saturday, December 1, 2018

End of an Era

Time as it stands today is warped in my view. The day I joined Sandarbh feels like a lifetime ago and yet it also feels like it was just yesterday. Time has moved both too slow and too fast. The roller coaster ride that was my internship has come to an end and like all good roller coaster rides, I wish it didn't have to. If you ask me personally, I can define my adult life in 2 phases - Pre Sandarbh and Post Sandarbh. For someone who doesn't know me, it may seem like a gross exaggeration. I mean how much can a 6 month internship change, right? But this experience has been life-changing. The work, the opportunities, the challenges, the responsibility have helped me mature so much. I could never have imagined that I could have done all this, after all I was just an 'intern'. The people, the conversations, the experiences have helped me become my own person - to find my truth in a manner of speaking.
For days I've been wondering what my farewell blog would be like, not knowing how to compress these past 6 months into a singular blog - I could if I tried but compressing all of my emotions into these words is the harder part. All I can say is at this point I'm a bag of mixed emotions with lots to say but not enough words to say it. I'm melancholic to be heading back, excited for the opportunities that await me, relieved to be done with certain aspects of the job, content to be heading back home, but most of all I'm glad and grateful that Sandarbh happened to me. I'm leaving a part of myself behind but I'm also taking a part of Sandarbh with me. And as I've said before, goodbyes are not forever - you never know, I might just be back sooner than you know it. Until then...


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