Wednesday, May 2, 2018

To the Old and the New

Early morning scenarios at Sandarbh was always a busy affair. Every time I entered the office in the morning, there would always be a couple of people already waiting for me.   Sometimes Shaz and Kiri would be there tossing things at eachother. Shreya and Drashti would be complaining about their roommate. Aafreen would be chilling on the couch.  In a couple of minutes, the office would be filled - with conversations, and a lot of activity. A couple of them would go back to the work they had left from the previous day. The rest of them would come annoying me with "What work do you have for me today". The rest of them would join us for our morning meetings. My day would be consumed by jumping from one person to another. When these interns had joined the firm for their 6 months internship, it felt like all of them would be around for ages. 

But I guess time is something you definitely can't take for granted. The office I entered into today was particularly different from the office I used to enter a month back. Starting with Shaz, Kiri, Aafreen, Sid and Kavi the crowd slowly began to reduce. Slowly, the extremely noisy office began to become more silent.  Today's office missed the physical presence of it's people. Rambo called in sick, Meghna was working from home and with that, the morning meeting was a short affair.  Work was being carefully balanced between all the members. By 4pm, the office was empty with each of us working from different parts of the city. 

It is pretty saddening to suddenly see all the crowd vanish. The constant noise is being missed. Kiri's random dance moves are being missed. Shreya's trivia is being missed. Aafreen's crazy stories are being missed. 
But with that said, as these interns move on - the silence is not for too long. We look forward to the new and larger crowd to join us here. And when they arrive, the crowd and the commotion comes back too. 

Hey new interns ! looking forward to welcoming you guys!

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