Saturday, November 3, 2018

Self-fulfilling Prophecies and Busting Myths

If you've been reading our blogs for the past couple of days, I bet you're wondering, why is it that Sai would want to go out of his way and set up these learning programmes for young individuals with a passion for architecture. The reason stems out of his own experiences. When he was in college, there were certain myths relating to architecture and construction that were knowingly or unknowingly being perpetuated. It took many real life experiences - the ups and downs and everything in between - to ultimately be able to distinguish fact from myth.
In the education system, when you're in the exploratory stages and pushing the boundaries, we are often told of the things cannot be done. This tends to distract the young mind from those things that can be done. A lot of the things that we are told are not possible can actually be done- the only difference would be the cost and the amount of effort that one is willing to put in. Another one of the myths that he had faced was that he was told while in college that architecture as a profession doesn't pay (something which you hear in college even nowadays, I for sure have!) This became one of the self-fulfilling prophecies for him - for a long time as a practicing architect the only reason that he did not make the money that his work deserved was simply because he didn't believe architects made good money.
These are just some of the mindsets that this whole endeavor wishes to change. Just to be clear- the intent is not just to teach architecture (academic institutions already do that) but rather to help people overcome this conditioning.


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