Monday, March 25, 2019

Furry Friends in other Workspaces.

We like kittens almost as much as dogs.

As I grew up, it became very clear to me that people were either dog people or cat people. But then, in college, I was surrounded by friends who had cats in their homes and over a course of 4 years, I may have developed a soft corner for them.

Turns out, most people in the office are the same.

This was proven when a litter of kittens was found in our workshop and the first reaction my colleagues at the workshop had, was to inform us about them through a series of images capturing these wide-eyed babies nestled in their arms; and the subsequent reaction Sai had was to make sure that someone informed the workers at the workshop to take care of them.

I have no doubts about the fact the daily workshop visits that we happily undertake to ensure the progress of the carpentry work because of the opportunity they provide us to work and learn at the same time, will now become even more invigorating.

As an office that has no lack of animal interaction within the working space, it is no surprise, I guess, that our extended workspace would also find some furry four-legged friends.

Looking forward to keeping you updated.

As always,

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