Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A Virtual Reality Kind of Day

We had a very interesting day at work yesterday. A two hour experience of actually walking through some demo projects and some of our own projects!

As usual, we at Sandarbh approached it as we do everything else. As Arjun put it - " I could do everything that I wouldnt have been able to do in a real life project ". In his case this meant to croucg down on the floor and look under the chairs and jump into a pool from the first floor!

It was a game for Inesh ( as is most things I think!!). He walked, turned in all directions, jumped, bend, dodged attacks from the building blocks and smiled happily throughout!

Everyone was in office during the presentation tried out the Virtual Reality experience. The ones who were out at sites or absent, totally missed it all! All of us started out skeptically but then moved to being happy and exuberent! Laughing, joking and making sure we didnt bump into each other while everyone around was egging you on!

The best part I think was our reactions when we walked through one of our projects. The experience was awesome! We realised that not just will this be a great presentation tool, it will be a better design tool! We could see and feel what it was to walk through something we had designed before it was done. In many cases, we probably had not visualised it as we were when we walked through the spaces.

All in all, it was a fantastic presentation. Darren and Jessica were full of information but fun and the product, very very interesting and innovative. It started conversations in the studio about design and the pros and cons.
Another good morning at Sandarbh .... :-)

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