Saturday, March 2, 2019

Sandarbh and I

Its been a good two months of me in Sandarbh today. Starting off the blog saga, I am going to be talking about my favorites here.

To begin with, Atom, everybody's favourite in the office. He is our little child who is always ready and up for a play. His surprise sniffs while everybody is busy working or him getting pampered by all in turns makes work less stressful around us.

While Atom wants to be grab a chair along with us, lunches are my next favorite here. All of us sit done around the table, with the funniest to the strangest conversations, making the whole team crack down to laughter.

The latest tradition of Dobble after lunch makes a good buffer before we head back to work for the day.

And not to forget, the impulsive Saturday outings XD

While these are my favouries until now, Im looking forward to my further journey at Sandarbh.

- Sonali. 

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