Sunday, January 6, 2019

5 Minutes.

‘Atom is the reason I can’t work.’

Someone said this is the garage the other day and all of us automatically had a smirk on our faces. Almost everyone who has worked here has probably thought this at least one time.

If you’ve met Atom, you know what I’m talking about.

It can be the sad droopy eyes he looks at you with every time he wants your attention (which is all the time, by the way), the way he makes these noises when he’s trying to communicate with you or even the fact that he is the friendliest great dane you will ever meet; something about this gentle giant will draw you to him.

Of course, all isn’t always good. He can be over enthusiastic while running around, can knock you ever if you’re in his way and worst of all can stamp your feet or semi-crush your shoulders with his paws. But all in all, if atom wants attention, chances are that he’ll get it- if not from you, then someone else.

While this might occasionally disrupt your focus or even annoy you once in a blue moon; the fact that such an energetic and quirky creature is around you automatically makes you feel more at ease, usually irrespective of how stressed you are.

Sharing an office with Atom and Coco has shown me the reason dogs are often chosen as therapy animals- they don't need to try very hard to help you calm down; you just spend 5 minutes with them and that's almost all you need.

Thank you, boys.

See you soon,

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